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2019 – 2021 “Elvira Mae’s + Joey’s”

Owned by Betsy and Hal Kravitz, who set out to create a place to make everyone feel welcome. Known for great coffee, bacon-egg-and-cheese sandwiches, soft-serve ice cream, and much more.


SEA acquires property May 9th 

SEA & TGB Hospitality enter into an agreement to reimagine and operate OMG&D

History of The Old Mill Market


1920s “Old Mill Store”

The original Old Mill Store opened for business sometime in the 1920s. And, other than the offering, and the people working behind the counter, it didn’t change much for decades. In those early days, the Old Mill Store was one of a number of small outposts in this relatively rural part of town, including restaurants and a service station (across from the site of the former Allen’s Clam House).


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1990s and 2000s “Elvira’s”

Owned by Stacey and Nick Yiovanakos, and operated as a family business with their two children, Niki and her brother, Harry. A popular spot for an early morning coffee and their famous bacon egg and cheese, with Nick’s trademark double fried bacon, a quick after school snack, an ice cream, or a delicious pizza with friends. Known as a local deli that was a go-to spot for locals in the beach community.

Built by Harry F. Sherwood as “The Old Mill Store”

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Sold to Young and Montgomery

1950s “Old Mill Grocery & Deli”
aka “Dirty Kenny’s” and “Grubb’s”

Kenneth Montgomery took the helm of the market sometime in the 1950s. His mother, an old-line Connecticut woman, born a Sherwood (yes, that Sherwood), was known to keep her eagle eye on all that went on there. Kenny, as he was known to all, was a sweet man. Not known as the cleanest store in town, thus the nick-names for the store, but beloved by the community. He was also a generous one. Surprisingly so: When he died he left $500,000 to the Westport YMCA.

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