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Our Mission

OMG&D will continue to serve the community, and also provide inclusive job training and employment opportunities. It will be a “Third Place” in people’s lives – a place where locals, laborers, and visitors can walk, jog, ride, or drive, for coffee, delicious prepared foods, gifts, and those household items we all need in a pinch! It will remain an informal gathering place to meet others and enjoy being part of this great community. As part of embracing all parts of the community, OMG&D will train and employ individuals with disabilities – an underutilized resource of working ability that is often overlooked and too infrequently given the opportunity to participate.


Our Vision

  • Acquire and preserve this historic structure and use as a local cafe and store

  • Enhance the offering to appeal to the preferences of today’s community, and provide a true “third place” for friends and neighbors

  • Create an inclusive work environment, training and employing individuals with disabilities  – providing the opportunities to succeed in the workplace that are often challenging for this population to access  

  • Support environmental protection by using surplus income to fund programs and services that benefit the local community

  • Operate as a 501(c)(3), pending approval of the application


In late December 2021, a few salty dogs (and long-time and life-time Compo beach residents), Jim Hood, Ian Warburg, and Chris Tait, got together and formed Soundview Empowerment Alliance (SEA) to gather community support to save the beloved and historic neighborhood market. To learn more about this amazing, and perhaps unprecedented, project click here to go to SEA’s website.

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